& Thank You’s


The Lily’s Legacy Project would like to thank and acknowledge the following for their contribution, to, and help with, the exhibition.

The exhibition team

  • Rabbi Dr Miri Lawrence | Curator
  • Mike Beral | Video Producer
  • Lucia Scazzocchio | Audio Producer
  • Shaan Knan | Project Manager
  • Allan Davis | Web Design
  • Richard Bloom | Design
  • Alison Turner | Archivist
  • Harry Hurst | Podcast Narrator
  • Sue Temple | exhibition core team
  • Rachel Goldhill | exhibition core team
  • Oral History interviewees and interviewers: Sue Temple, Rachel Goldhill, Lise Magnollay, Clare Shinebourne, Gavin Schaffer, Hayley Sims, Mike Beral, Olivia Luder, Rachel Montagu, Tamara Joseph, Tania Martens, Miri Lawrence, Shaan Knan.
  • All Project volunteers
  • Oral History Interviewees and Memorabilia Contributors
  • The Project Steering Committee
  • The Project Youth Advisory Group
  • Gallery Photos courtesy of: Liberal Judaism, The Liberal Jewish Synagogue, Rabbi Pete Tobias, Rabbi Margaret Jacobi and family, Ruth Shire, Rosemary Goldsmith, Miriam Taylor and family.
  • Podcast Music courtesy of: The Liberal Synagogue Elstree, Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue, LJ Music Day, Elana Arian, Jon Fiber/Tent.
  • Archive Video material courtesy of: Dr Bea Lewkowicz, Director AJR Refugee Voices Archive, Association of Jewish Refugees
  • Liberal Judaism congregations, rabbis and community leaders

This exhibition would also not have been possible without the support of the following organisations
The London Metropolitan Archives, AJR Refugee Voices Archive, The Wiener Library, The Jewish Museum London, The Faith and Belief Forum, The Board of Deputies of British Jews.

The Lily’s Legacy Project is supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and proudly hosted by Liberal Judaism.

We thank all our project associates for their kind support.