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It started with my father. He originally belonged to a United synagogue in Kingsbury and couldn’t get on with the service, so he decided that he was going to join a Liberal synagogue. The synagogue was in Preston Road, Wembley, which is no longer there. So we became members of the Liberal synagogue. I eventually came to live here in Ealing. I came along and became a member, which I find far better, I find it far more relaxing, far more interesting. Janet, when she gives a sermon, when she does the service, she makes it interesting. She loves involving the kids. She loves involving everybody. And that basically is it.

Colin Kloot

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Well, I came late into Liberal Judaism. The family was basically orthodox, my grandfather was a Rabbi in Poland, so mother and the family were brought up quite strictly, and I didn’t have very much of a Jewish upbringing if I’m honest, once my grandmother died. And then after I got married and had a family and we moved to this part of the world, we went occasionally to shul High Holy Day services, you know, Yom Kippur Jew, and we moved here and we joined South London and of course, the children were educated there and eventually I went to Hebrew classes, , and the children went to cheder, and so it went on and my daughter ended up as a Rabbi which was the last thing I expected if I’m honest But it was the best, many happy years. I’m still a member.

Marilyn James