Legacy & Future Watch


I really hope that Liberal Judaism can take the best of its history and the best of what we see in our sister movements, like the Reform movement, and keep those things and I think one of the things we can really learn about is innovation in worship and in not getting bogged down with who we used to be. I guess one of the things that I’ve always hoped for, for Liberal Judaism, is that it embraces change and I get really worried if someone says well, Liberal Judaism is this, and it’s any definition that cannot move. I really want it to be the movement that moves and the movement that changes.

Mich Samson

Spotlight On

Howard Cohen thanks Liberal Judaism for its non-judgmental approach and warm welcome to all.

Hilary Totterman describes the creative nature of Lily’s Legacy to her through her childhood friend.

Jane Carpenter expresses how a positive outcome of the recent health crisis is the way in which Liberal Judaism has taken advantage of technology to connect people to one another. This could faciliate the growth of Liberal Judaism in the futurehares how Liberal Jewish services have changed since the early days when the prayer book was primarily in English and accompanied by a hymn book.

Bob and Ann Kirk send a message to future Liberal Jewish generations.

Karen Newman considers the future of liberal Judaism and expresses a concern that Liberal Judaism must not become too complacent.

Martha talks about the impact of Jewish faith schools on the Liberal Jewish community.

Prue Baker reflects on the return to traditionalism in worship and the future of Liberal Judaism.

Peter and Simon reflect on how Lily Montagu would view Liberal Judaism today.

Ruth Edwards reflects on Lily’s legacy and what this means for her personally in terms of friendship and belonging.

Tamara Joseph shows how Lily’s Legacy as a social worker has continued to this day.

Pam Fox, Michael Hart and Warren Lawrence pays tribute to the way Liberal Judaism has responded to the 2020 coronavirus outbreak.


One thing which is really stands out for me in terms of Liberal Judaism, and this carries across into LJY Netzer events as well is how there’s a big focus on the individual and try to find what’s right for you and giving you a say whether it’s the text study or whether it’s learning Bible connection, to Israel learning about conflicts or all different facets of Judaism. They allow you to explore our values in such incredible ways, allow us to constantly challenge and look at ourselves in terms of where we are in the 21st century.

Daniel Mautner