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It’s very difficult to describe her I mean, she was then eighty. And she always wore sort of long skirts and dressed almost in Victorian style. Always with a black hat and a coat and whatever, always sat in the same pew at the front , but she was so kind when she spoke to you , you know, I said to her once that the sort of Judaism that she was teaching was what I’d been looking for since I was about 14 or 15. And she said, ‘Yes, many people have said that’. I really thought the sun shone out of her buttonholes as they say. I thought she was wonderful. She was always there in the front seat with her sister the two of them together. But I suppose we would have said hello, but I think I was too shy. I just felt so daunted by what position I felt she held which actually wasn’t the case.

Sonja Shindler

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I am afraid I was regarded as somewhat priggish, and superior by my contemporaries. In truth, I was very shy and self-conscious and had the utmost respect for the social qualities which my friends possessed and which I was entirely without. I had not the slightest feeling of superiority –perhaps rather the opposite.

Lily Montagu

(The faith of a Jewish woman, 1943, p.15)