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The custom of wearing a hat or not wearing a hat must be left to the choice of the individual. He must be impressed with the belief that the thoughts which prevail under the hat can lead him to God, not the hat itself…. It would seem as if in the minds of the questioners the future of Judaism depended on the wearing of a hat.

Lily Montagu

Spotlight On

Rabbi Andrew Goldstein describes the opportunity Liberal Judaism offers for communities to share their diversity of music styles and learn new melodies together as one family

Carolynne reflects on how her family’s Orthodox roots continue to influence her Jewish practice and the ‘melting pot’ of rituals across Liberal Jewish communities

David shares how Liberal Jewish services have changed since the early days when the prayer book was primarily in English and accompanied by a hymn book

David remembers the ways in which his community both struggled with and challenged the professional choir and the move to a congregational choir

‘Trying not to be Jewish’. Listen to Faye as she remembers the apologetic nature of the early prayer book

Joe describes his difficulties accepting a return to more traditional rituals in Liberal synagogues

To Process or not Process? Louise emphasises the importance of inclusivity in Jewish practice especially when re-introducing traditional elements of synagogue worship.

Listen as Maddy considers the new prayer book and the importance of creating a balance between tradition and modernity

Rabbi Margaret Jacobi explains the aims of the editorial committee of the new prayer book and the importance of innovation

Noya describes the way in which her congregation involve the wider local community when observing Jewish festivals.


I went to the first service and really loved the informality of it and I think I really liked that I didn’t firstly have to apologise that I was deaf or make any explanations for being gay. I felt the offer was there. Here we are, so come and join us, but it was very much do as you like? I felt I could sort of go and explore without pressure, which was interesting.