Lily’s Legacy launches in Birmingham for a Celebration of A Hundred Years of Women’s Suffrage

Birmingham Progressive speakers with suffrage coloured and laced boots!

Lilys Legacy project is dedicated to the centenary of the Representation of the People Act that enabled all men and some women to vote for the first time.

Lily’s Legacy launched at Birmimgham Progressive’s 

A Hundred Years of Women’s Suffrage

A Service of Celebration

on  17/11/2018

Benita Wishart (with the suffragette colours and suffragette laces in her boots) and Cecily Gale spoke at the service about what having the vote meant to them.

From the service readings:

A century ago, Lily Montagu, one of the founders of Jewish League for Women’s Suffrage, taught the girls in her Club that they should never think themselves as inferior to boys:

It is only in modern times that conscious effort has been made to teach girls that they do not exist as mere supplements to men, but that they possess the dignity of human beings, with infinite possibilities and definite responsibility…  It is education, physical, mental, and religious education, that must ultimately be the chief factor in influencing the lives of working girls in their relation to boys…

With Many Thanks to Rabbi Margaret Jacobi