Call for Interviewees: Tell us your Liberal Jewish story!


Are you a Liberal Jew? We want your story for the Lily’s Legacy project.

Have you been involved in the Liberal Jewish Movement?

Have you ever been an active member of a Liberal Jewish Congregation in the UK?

Have you ever organised or attended Liberal Jewish services and/or events?

We are keen to capture Liberal Jewish voices from all walks of life, ages and backgrounds, including but not exclusively people who:

  • Are longstanding members
  • have – themselves or one their family members – met one of our founders (the 3Ms) or pioneering rabbis (e.g. Rabbi John Rayner)
  • have memories of being a refugee/the Holocaust/Kindertransport/WWII
  • have been active in and been influenced by LJ’s youth movement
  • have converted to Judaism ‘Jews by choice’
  • patrilineal Jews
  • part of a mixed faith family/marriage
  • are from a Sephardic or diverse ethnic background
  • identify as LGBTQI+
  • have any other LJ story to share that may be relevant to this legacy
  • We’d also like to amplify women’s voices.

As well as recording the past, we are also creating “history in progress” – a snapshot view of Liberal Judaism today which will inform future generations as they look back at the archive material we are creating. We are especially looking for people who are willing to tell their personal story to create an Oral History.

How to take part? Please contact the project manager Shaan at the Montagu Centre, London, or via by 26 September 2019.

For more information, please visit  social media @lilyslegacyproject

Lily’s Legacy: The Radical History and Heritage of Liberal Judaism in the UK is a landmark oral history and archive project supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.



Lily’s Legacy provides an important source of Liberal Jewish history, past and present. I urge people to get involved and support this project in whichever way they can”   Rabbi Danny Rich  Liberal Judaism CEO